It was a pioneer of tourism’s original idea in San Benedetto del Tronto,and it had a difficult start since most holiday makers preferred private accommodation rather than hotels.

It was a turning point for the tourism business when the 1926 Royal Decree was issued.

It made it possible to use the label “health centers with accommodation for tourists” that could apply to seaside resorts with the right features.

On June 30th, 1928 the San Benedetto del Tronto town hall was the first among all resorts on the Adriatic Sea that got that title and it was the beginning of a very important era for tourism.

The hotel in art nouveau style was very far from the town center then. Yet its architecture was exquisitely elaborate and modern.
The finely decorated lounges and large rooms boasted features few other hotels had.

It soon became a meeting place for cultural and leisure events as it attracted a great number of famous people at the time Beniamino Gigli, Primo Carnera, the baryton Neroni, Rachele Mussolini stayed at the Hotel, Giacomo Matteotti’s wife and sons also stayed here after his death.

The story goes that their fare was paid for by the Fascist government that held power at the time. This is also the place where Francesca Guidi began her career as a journalist and patron .

She knew important people such as Balbo, Cardarelli, Marconi, Pirandello, D’Annunzio, Quasimodo. They stayed in her splendid house and she took them to the Hotel Progresso and they tasted the culinary specialities there.

In 1987 the Hotel became the Mancini family’s property. They have worked so as to make the Hotel a genuinely modern place, yet they have kept all the original features that made it unique.